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DLLFI - Disable Lazy Loading For Featured Images [WordPress Plugin]

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Disable WP Lazy Load feature for Featured Images in WordPress with this plugin which is clean and lightweight (1kb)

Activate this plugin to disable the new WP Lazy Loading functionality (added in WP version 5.5) For Featured Images. To re-enable lazy loading [For Featured Images] at any time, simply deactivate the plugin.


* Lightweight - only one line of code.
* Fix core web vitals issue of lazy loading first image. [Featured Image]
* Disable lazy loading only for featured images.

Why is this useful?

Because this plugin disables the current wordpress lazy loading only for featured images. Lazy loading on the first displayed contents are very bad for your website's seo and users experience.

By Enabling this plugin, you can easily get things done without altering any functions.php codes.

Version [1.1]

° Initial Release
You will get a ZIP (3KB) file